The Beginning

Planting today, for the next two hundred years
redwoods, in a big circle, last spring’s cuttings from our first tree, now
today’s baby trees, barely a handspan high,
hands moving them into meadow dirt, next year turning into a bit of forest,
into a circle of young trees, reaching upward to the sun.

In years to come, we will sit here, sipping wine
noting the growth, encircled by ancient tree genes,
primordial shapes, afternoon light, timeless
circle of green against late summer sky.

Digging, shovel into sod, into the last of summer’s grass,
New rain coming now, time to dig and plant
before darkening gray clouds open, Fall moisture
turning summer dryness into redwood haven,
roots going deep, and out, coming home.

Wind picks up, and roots now covered,
everything ready for the coming rain,
my work here, done, for now,
making home for new trees, new forest,
for those to come, generations away,
summer evenings to savor.

Neal Lemery 9/30/2014