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Hear more about the inspiration behind the creation of Mentoring Boys to Men as well as a chapter from Neal’s new book by watching this video. (Give it about a minute to load.)

Author Neal C. Lemery’s first book is Mentoring Boys to Men: Climbing Their Own Mountains.

He tells the compelling stories of young men in our society, seeking role models, guidance, parenting, and hope for the future.  From his perspective as a judge in a small Oregon community, you are able to explore the hearts and souls of young people you might notice on the street corner, homeless, or in prison.

Who are they?  Where are they going? What to they want in their lives?

They are our children, our future.  They also tell us a great deal about what America is and where we are headed, as a nation, and as a place to raise our children.

Several of his op ed pieces and essays have been published in the Tillamook County PioneerThe Oregonian, the Tillamook Headlight Herald, and Mentor magazine. An interview of Neal was in the February, 2013 local edition of The Ruralite, the monthly publication of the Tillamook Public Utility District. Several of his poems and short stories were published in the North Coast Squid, a regional literary journal.

You can listen to Neal read several of his poems at the Oregon Poetic Voices website.

Neal is a lifelong resident of Tillamook County, Oregon.  He’s worked in the criminal justice and legal community since 1980, has served a variety of community organizations, and helped raise a number of sons and mentors a number of youths. He also plays guitar, gardens, is a photographer and painter, and enjoys walking on the beach and enjoying the Northwest.  He and his wife, Karen Keltz, is the author of Sally Jo Survives the Sixth Grade: A Journal and Laurel Hedges and the Evil Lurker.  They tend their garden near Tillamook.

Contact Neal at nealclemery@gmail.com

Neal’s books are available at Amazon.com.  Here’s his Amazon page

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Neal, I have memories of you hanging out with my step-brother Herman McMullen. 🙂 Wasn’t there a long distance bike trip the two of you planned that ended on the first day for you?? I’ve enjoyed discovering the Work you are doing! Take care…

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  3. Mr Lemery may not remember me, but I will always remember him very fondly! My oldest Son was in a horrible accident one week before his 18th birthday. He had a couple of traffic tickets, so I appeared before Judge Lemery in his place. He said: ‘You and your Son have enough to worry about’, and he dismissed my sons tickets. Although some may look at this act as a small thing, it showed Mr. Lemery’s humanity to me. A truly GREAT man!

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