Newer blog posts have an embedded link to their podcasts.

Neal Lemery

Finding my Way podcast.

Neal’s podcast of his blog post on Citizenship and Communications. July 2020.

Neal talks about his latest book, Building Community.

Neal’s podcast on Homegrown Tomatoes: Essays and Musings From My Garden. Homegrown Tomatoes.band

Neal’s podcast on Finding My Muse on Main Street, a young adult novel:

Neal’s podcast on Mentoring Boys to Men: Climbing Their Own Mountains.

Neal talks with Tommy Boyle on Tillamook Cow radio. http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/0020-tommy-neal-lemery_4871




The podcast of my interview with Tommy Boye at TillamookCow.com , Tillamook’s internet radio.

An inspiring story of an Oregon Youth Authority inmate who succeeds at life. His story can be the story of some of the youth I mentor. Noah Schultz Ted Talk. Noah Schultz Ted Talk

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