Finding my Way podcast.

Neal’s podcast of his blog post on Citizenship and Communications. July 2020.

Neal talks about his latest book, Building Community.

Neal’s podcast on Homegrown Tomatoes: Essays and Musings From My Garden. Homegrown Tomatoes.band

Neal’s podcast on Finding My Muse on Main Street, a young adult novel:

Neal’s podcast on Mentoring Boys to Men: Climbing Their Own Mountains.

Neal talks with Tommy Boyle on Tillamook Cow radio. http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/0020-tommy-neal-lemery_4871




The podcast of my interview with Tommy Boye at TillamookCow.com , Tillamook’s internet radio.

An inspiring story of an Oregon Youth Authority inmate who succeeds at life. His story can be the story of some of the youth I mentor. Noah Schultz Ted Talk. Noah Schultz Ted Talk

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