Reviews on Mentoring Boys to Men

Book Cover

“This book provides the road map for approaching and caring for another strata of trauma impacted souls in post-modern America. Judge Lemery depicts the anecdote for our troubled times: compassion. If you enjoy studies in love, caring, and forgiveness read these words. If you desire more compassion in your life, read these words. Civil servants who judge in the morning and heal in the evening are very rare.”

–Wells Kempter, MA, counselor, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, former Army Ranger

“I am, personally, profoundly, forced to take another look at our society and especially myself, after reading this book. I could not stop reading.”

–Sandra Pattin, MSW, Washington parole officer (retired)

“We always end up dealing with the same people. We don’t find out where the source of the problem really comes from… an eye opener for me.”

–Deputy Alex Ramirez, Clark County (Washington) Jail Re-entry Program

“This book challenges you to consider the deeper meanings and purposes of life. You will be inspired and transformed, for these stories are the irrefutable witnesses to the power of grace.”

–Dr. D. Scott Allen, Pastor, United Methodist Church

“Neal is amazing, and his story is a wonderful and important gift to us all. I’d never thought of jail as a safe and secure place for healing and growing, but his stories of what these young men had lived through as children – wow.

“And here is a guy – a judge – who doesn’t close the door and go home at 5pm. He goes and visits those kids in jail – giving them support, a birthday party (something they’ve NEVER had), giving them someone who believes in them and their possibilities, someone who can help heal hearts from the heart.

“He shows, and lives, the power of GIVING to change our world and heal the pain passed on from generation to generation. He shows the power of living with an open heart, willing to share, question, listen to all without reservation. What he offers in this book is simple, but incredibly powerful.”

–Tom Bender

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