Taking Flight


Proud young eagle
healthy at last, eyes keen
for all that lies ahead. He
looks back at chains he has broken,
today the beginning of his new life,
ready to

Strong now, ready in all ways
he dreams of taking flight,
stretching, flapping his wings
under his own power,
gaining altitude, able to look down
over his world, choosing where he will
truly live, flying on his own,
eyes focused on his dreams.

Taking off, wings long, catching the wind
gaining height, every muscle ready,
focused on what is ahead, what will come
in his airborne world,
ready, finally to

Today, the door will open and he will go,
wings outspread, flapping strong,
his young heart filled with purpose,
knowing what is right,
at last, believing in his true self.

No longer broken, no longer afraid,
at ease in his own soaring
high above the ground,
living his dreams, knowing his
purpose, and where he will

—-Neal Lemery 4/2015