You, and you, and you
slipped away from me, before
my defining of your time,
yet you were ready,
crossing the veil, and moving into the
new world.
its mysteries awaiting me

And, you, still close to me, still here,
still able to speak wisdom to my heart,
your eyes looking deep into me,
calling me to dig deeper, inside
and share more of me with all,
to grow, and even bloom,
me, the reluctant flower.

And I look deep into you,
knowing now
that your time is coming,
soon you will cross over
to become the harvest in the garden
you have been planting
all these glorious years.

Watching that journey of yours,
and how you prepare, and how you make
each day
its own wonder, its own birth,
you again give me wisdom
on how I walk my path
and plan my own
crossing, my own
garden of love.

Neal Lemery
May, 2013