Making A Difference: Eduardo Hernandez

   Eduardo Hernandez was a high school kid who was lost. I had the pleasure and honor of mentoring him and watching him grow into a successful, ambitious young man. He finished high school, and went on to earn his associates degree in criminal justice. Today, he is an up and coming juvenile probation officer, changing lives.


In this video, he talks about his life, and the impact he has had on youth at risk.


Eduardo Hernandez’ interview

Neal Recently Featured on OPB’s Think Out Loud

Neal Lemery and Carol Imani join Geoff Norcross of OPB’s Think Out Loud.

Often lost in the news stories of crimes and criminals are the stories of the families of the people who find themselves in the criminal justice system. On Oct 18, a group of Oregonians gathered at the First United Church to read their narratives about how they, as family members of people who are currently incarcerated, navigate the experience from the outside.

On Oct 15, Geoff Norcross of OPB’s Think Out Loud interviewed English teacher, Carol Imani, and me. The podcast is embedded below. More about the story can be found here.

Happy listening. Neal’s section begins at the 5:50 marker.