Sally Jo Survives Sixth Grade: A Journal, by Karen Keltz

A compelling story of a sixth grade girl, navigating life and romance in the 1980s…

Sally Jo Benedict leaves her counselor’s office the second day of sixth grade armed with an empty journal as her only survival mechanism to start a school year that will prove to be full of remarkable surprises, stimulating mysteries, and irreversible change. She records her life as she confronts the new kid, Melvin Porter, who tries to kiss her at every opportunity, not seeming to understand the word “No!”

She grapples with the heartache of her best friend Eddo’s mounting jealously and feelings of betrayal, and the burgeoning romance between her sixth grade teacher, Mr. Wilson, and her single mother. Sally Jo sorts out her frustrations and conclusions about romance, betrayal and loss in her journal entries, and ends each one with a question for her readers to consider and answer. 

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and copies available at Art Accelerated‘s new art gallery, 1906 Third Street, Tillamook, Oregon.

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