Building Community: Rural Voices for Hope and Change: An Oregon Perspective

Neal’s new book is out and available on Amazon.

A nice review by Jim Heffernan in the Tillamook County Pioneer. 

And, that includes a video clip of my reading from the book.

Building Community: Rural Voices for Hope and Change: An Oregon Perspective, by Neal Lemery

How are rural American communities working to build a better world? These are the stories of building a stronger rural America. These are the stories of a resurgence in diverse talents and work in progress to improve community services, relationships, and to further collective societal values and organizations. Active community involvement engages everyone, to address social conditions and improve our collective lives. In part, this book gives voice to diverse points of views and experiences, and shows the strengths and talents of rural Oregon communities. Numerous community members from rural Oregon offer their perspectives and describe their work, building better, more vibrant communities that are meeting the difficult challenges of rural America in the Twenty First Century.

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Also an e-book, also available on Amazon.

Neal reads from his book