In the midst of the rumbles of coffee shop conversations, I found

a few minutes of solitude, 

the to-do list on pause, suddenly unimportant — I let myself

escape, to run away from the ordinary 

day, to find myself, to search 

for my own meaning in my world, my life.

To take a breath, rest, renew, 

refresh, re-orient myself to my true 

intentions, my true purpose, my true 


apart from everyone else.

I pause, stilling myself, listening to my 

heartbeat, my breath, grounding

myself in the momentary quiet of this

rainy day.

Absorbing these gifts, the countless

drops are clear and new upon the soil, full of

promise, expectation.

I become still, listen to the earth soaking up the wet, turning the 

grey, the shiny wet, into


5/24/2021. Neal Lemery

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