Today, 65

Me at sixty five today,
This birth day anniversary, as full of possibilities
As any other day of my life. It is just a
Number —challenging me to live each
Moment to the fullest in every day that
Remains for me to claim.

I stand on the beach where ancestors stood,
They living their lives in their own ways, their own
Times, loving others, solving problems, building for the
Future they would not see, helping to build the
World in which I live
And all the tomorrows. Their lives
Teaching me to do the same, teaching
Sacred duty.

Time can be a line or a circle, maybe a
Spiral, or a dance—-
Teaching me patience, perseverance, and
Possibilities coming from determination, purpose, the
Why of being alive and here.

I know now, after sixty five years, I can overcome ignorance,
Indifference with education and taking steps
Forward in every day that remains to me,
Gifts to be used to move forward, to
Change lives, spark love and compassion, realizing

Sixty five, and moving on.

—-Neal Lemery, February 28, 2018

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