Thornbush or Juniper, Brier or Myrtle (Isaiah 55:13)


This is a sermon I preached today.  The text is based in Isaiah Chapter 55.  I know that many will not agree with what I say here.  This is where the Holy Spirit has led me over the past 45 years, by allowing me to see the pain that Christians and society have inflicted on people of color and my gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender brothers and sisters, and by leading me to information that has informed my childhood homophobia and blessed me with many beautiful people in my life.  Having been silent for too long, I now offer my experience.

The past two weeks have been both wonderful and terrible. We have seen the power of love that has moved mountains in the lives of our gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters.

We have seen the power of hate that brought death to innocents,an occurrence that happens…

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