This is excellent. I am proud to know Dean as a friend.

Dean's Footprints

Cave Lights

I’ve often wondered when we experience those moments of what we think are feelings of completeness if we truly embrace and live in that moment.  Those times are such a blessing, and I often wondered if I let my heart guide me through out that day.  

I think about all that I’ve been given and have experienced.  I am truly blessed.  There have been times when I’ve been the luckiest man on earth (at least that’s how I felt at the time), and then there were those times that my heart was hurting so bad that I thought I was closing my tear drenched eyes for the last time.  In retrospect, although there were some emotional highs that tainted my physical vision, I wouldn’t change a dang thing.  The experience(s) made me who I am, and I embrace those lessons.  Never forgetting to take into account that history will “always”…

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