Being the Candle and the Mirror

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.” —Edith Wharton

I am both the candle and the mirror.

Every morning when I awake, when I pause for a cup of coffee, or to watch a bird in the garden, in every moment in life, I have a choice on how I live my life. It is for me to shape my intention, to go forth with my mind set on what it is I want to do, who it is I want to be, where it is I want to go, how I will live, and grow, and how I will spread light and love.

What am I doing now to reflect that Love and Light I find in the world, so that I can share that with others, thereby changing the world?

And, what am I doing to create Love and Light, and, likewise, give that away to the world?

Once you find the words to ask the question, then, and only then, will the answer come.

I have so many of the tools I need inside of me. And, if a tool is lacking, then it is up to me to ask of the Universe for the tool that works.

It is up to me to find my own story. That story has been gathering within me since I was born, and it is ever-changing, ever growing into an even more beautiful story.

It is up to me to draw upon the resources I need in order to live with purpose, and with meaning. I just need to ask, and, then, I need to be willing to receive. I need to be open, and to receive the gifts of the Light, and to be loved.

When I connect with the world around me and when I am in sync with the energies and rhythms of the universe, then I am aware of the light within me, and of the power of intention in my life. And, then, I must be open to receiving those gifts, those tools so that I can be a better lover, a better candle and mirror of the Light. Indeed, it is easier to give than to receive. I need to be humble, and open, and accepting of these eternal gifts.

I am a human being, and not a human doing. I can lose myself in endless tasks and projects, and I need to continually ask myself, what is my intention? Am I creating Light and Love in what I am doing here? Or, is my doing getting in the way of my Be-ing, am I living life with intention, congruent with the true reasons for why we are all here today.

I need to be able to ask the question, and also be open to listen to the answer, hearing it with my heart and soul.

I need to tend to my candle, and I need to polish my mirror.

Neal Lemery, July 22, 2013.

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